In the case that users need to send CLI, RPC, or CURL commands to their nodes, there are a few options:


CLI commands for Pocket nodes can be found here.

For select nodes (like Pocket nodes), you can send CLI commands directly to a node via Node Pilot.

Pocket commands that require a password will need to include --pwd <PASSWORD KEY> at the end of the command. If you are having issues submitting a command, switch to using the terminal.

1. Select node:

2. Submit commands:

If a CLI command is not providing an output, try restarting the node via the "Restart" button.


CURL commands can be sent to nodes via terminal.

docker exec [node id] curl [params]

EXAMPLE: Pocket node Tendermint RPC request

docker exec pokt-000 curl http://localhost:26657/status

NodeIDs can be found on the Dashboard:

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