Edit Node Resources

In future releases, we plan to allow users to edit node settings directly in the GUI. Until then, Node Pilot makes it easy to manually edit your node settings through JSON files.

To edit the vCPUs and Memory for a node, follow these steps:

1. Identify the node you would to edit (for this example: XDAI-0000)

2. Shut down NP

3. Edit the settings file

For Validator nodes: ~/.node-pilot/config/nodes.json

For Chain nodes: ~/.node-pilot/config/chains.json

Via command line:

nano ~/.node-pilot/config/nodes.json

Only edit "cpus" and "mem" variables. Editing other variables could break your node and cause errors.


{ "_id": "xdai-000", "type": "MANAGED", "chainType": "FULL_NODE", "ticker": "xdai", "network": "mainnet", "rpcPort": 8555, "walletPassword": "", "cpus": 4, "mem": 8192, "chainDir": "", "createdAt": "2021-07-20T20:46:23.840Z", "updatedAt": "2021-07-20T20:46:23.840Z" }

4. Save changes and exit.

Via command line:

Press Ctrl + o then press Enter

Press Ctrl + xto exit

5. Verify file was changed

cat ~/.node-pilot/config/nodes.json

6. Start NP

./np start -d

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