Node Pilot

Delete Chain Data Manually

Sometimes a node's chain data can get corrupted, which requires deleting the chain data so it can re-sync.
Example of corruption in a node's logs:
2021-09-20 00:53:40 UTC Encountered error during snapshot restoration: Snapshot error Chunk size is too large.
In most cases, you can delete the chain directly from that node's Dashboard:
In some cases, you may need to clear the chain data manually. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Identify the NodeID you would to edit (for this example: FUSE-0000)

2. Shut down NP

3. Delete the node's chain data folder in ~/.node-pilot/chains/<nodeID>

Via command line (Example for FUSE-000):
rm -r ~/.node-pilot/chains/fuse-000
For nodes that were given custom Chain Directories, apply this step to the custom directory instead of the default directory.

4. Start NP

./np start -d